Documentation for macro exten-vm?

Hi all,

I have searched the internet high and low and grepped my system but I can’t find anything on the macro exten-vm? Is this something that is a standard asterisk macro and if so where can I find documentation on it. It doesn’t seem to work on 1.2.14 of asterisk.




No its realy “standard”, There are no “standard” macros realy, there are some that are in widespread common usage.
Why not post the Macro in question and im sure it can be explained to you.


Thanks for the help. I thought it might be compiled into Asterisk somehow.

I have been trying to find the macro for some time but can’t so I can’t post it. I assume it has to be under /etc/asterisk with the other files but grepping them revealed nothing :frowning:

I am using trixbox so it might be part of their solution. I will do a grep of the entire system and see if I can find anything.


If you use trixbox it should be in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

look for [macro-exten-vm]

I tried that and came up blank. Thats whats confusing me. Maybe the macro is missing because the macro appears not to work. The /etc/asterisk/extension.conf file does exist. There is just no macro entry.

macro-exten-vm is part of freepbx which is what trixbox is wrapped around.

It should be in extensions.conf as long as you have installed the vm module.

For more info ask in the Trixbox forum or go straight to the horses mouth the freepbx site.