Where is the beep file

I constantly got this:
[May 15 06:27:17] WARNING[78294] file.c: Unexpected control subclass ‘-1’
[May 15 06:27:27] WARNING[78294] file.c: File beep does not exist in any format
[May 15 06:27:27] WARNING[78294] file.c: Unable to open beep (format 0x40 (slin)): No such file or directory

it seems that asterisk does not know where to find my beep file. actually it is located at /usr/local/share/asterisk/sounds (it’s on a freebsd box). and in asterisk.conf, it is set: “astvarlibdir => /usr/local/share/asterisk”. in the sounds directory, i’ve put beep.gsm, beep.wav, beep.ulaw, beep.alaw, beep.slin, beep.sln, etc. any idea what’s wrong with the settings?


problem solved.
For those who faced same problem:
in v1.4, the sounds folder should be configured with astdatadir, instead of astvarlibdir.