Where is Asterisk 10 for Ubuntu/Debian?

Asterisk 10 has been out for a couple weeks now, and I’ve anxiously been checking the debian package repo but it hasn’t shown up. According to Bamboo the build is/has been done for a while. I guess I’m just a little excited to install Asterisk 10 (Setting up a new phone system, don’t want to start on 1.8 and upgrade a week later).

So… is there an ETA for the Ubuntu/Debian packages?

Use the sources if you cant wait.

Yes, I realize that is quite possible. I would like to stick with packages since this will be on multiple servers. Hence the question of “When”.


1.8 is a long term stable release, so should still have support after support for 10 ceases.

FYI here is a guide for Installing Asterisk 10 on ubuntu LTS this should help people out if they are going to do a source install.

Asterisk is pretty much the only thing I still build from source these days, over all from distro to distro I still find it the best way.