Where can i find the amd detection logs


I am new to asterisk.

But untill now, i am able to install asterisk on my centos 6.9.
I am also able to create 2 user logins in sip.conf file and in extension.conf file.
I am able install x-lite on 2 systems and able to do the asterisks sip config and able to make calls to each other.

My query is - i need find the logs for amd detection. In which location and in which file can i find the logs of the calls made and what did asterisk detected with the current amd set up?


WIth a standard installation, /var/log/asterisk/*

You may need to enable the debug login logger.conf.

You will need to turn up the verfbosity and debug level from the CLI or logger.conf.

I do not know how much information answering machine detection actually logs.