Where can I find an experienced asterisk developer for upgrade/integration work?

Where can I find this person? Is there another forum category I should post in?



You could try the asterisk-biz mailing list.

I have tried that in previous times and never found a suitable person. I can try again.

Kindly share the task/job you require in asterisk.



Try and write me the task you need with pm

I can’t find how to send a pm. Where do I do this? Thanks.

Click on the poster name. Click on Message, in the pop-up.

Is this a direct message? I’m trying it now on my laptop.

No. It is not a direct message.

I figured it out. Message only displays when logged in using laptop. Does not display when using a mobile phone. That was the problem.

If you have any questions you can send them here.

Still looking for a competent person to show up who can do this work.

Since you are looking for a “person to show up”, sounds like you’re looking for on-site work. Have you tried reaching out to local vendors?

Google Keywords: ${your location} PBX Asterisk VoIP Custom

High in the results is voip-info.org

If you’re looking for remote development work, have you tried upwork, freelancer.com, or other freelancer sites?

I often use freelance developers. Well documented requirements are key to getting the results you want.

Haha. That’s funny. It’s a manner of speech. I don’t need someone to physically show up. Work can be remote.

What kind of integration work you require,let me know.