When you have the choice, what type of dtmf do you recommend?

I work for a telecom installer and we are deploying asterisk-based telephony systems.
To connect the PSTN accesses on our installations, we use gateways (beronet, patton, grandstream, etc.).

From my experience the RFC4733 (previously RFC2833) seems to be the default for trunk sip operators today. I think it’s a good thing to have DTMF in the media stream, because historically it’s media after all.

Hence my post to ask more people what the state of the art is and when you have the choice what kind of dtmf do you configure by default?

I always use RFC2833.
RFC4733 to me is a new thing that came out when I wasn’t looking.
Anything I say about 4733 would be guesses.
I’m guessing it’s similar to 2833 but expands upon it.
I have never tried DTMF in SIP INFO.
Just never ever had a reason to.
I have used inband in s some rare cases where I needed to for odd reasons or just for troubleshooting.

Asterisk actually implements 4733, even though it calls it 2833.

Is 2833 a subset of 4733?
Must be if all the 2833 devices still work with it eh?

RFC4733 vs RFC2833
A really quick read to me in summary:
It implements more events or opens it up to be able to add more events
and it removes the requirement to implement the DTMF events to be compliant.
And possibly other things that I have not read into.

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