When I try to find the state of Endpoints it is showing unavailable

for me Everything is okay. The asterisk running well. I Install all modules properly. I don’t know why I am getting the endpoint state unavailable. I did 3 times newly configurations but although getting the same problems.

Here is the log I have described:

strange*CLI> reload
[Oct 11 17:49:40] NOTICE[3583]: cdr.c:4459 cdr_toggle_runtime_options: CDR simple logging enabled.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3584]: sorcery.c:1253 sorcery_object_load: Type ‘system’ is not reloadable, maintaining previous values
[Oct 11 17:49:41] WARNING[3583]: res_phoneprov.c:1231 get_defaults: Unable to find a valid server address or name.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] ERROR[3583]: ari/config.c:312 process_config: No configured users for ARI
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3583]: res_config_ldap.c:1832 parse_config: No directory user found, anonymous binding as default.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] ERROR[3583]: res_config_ldap.c:1858 parse_config: No directory URL or host found.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3583]: res_config_ldap.c:1776 reload: Cannot reload LDAP RealTime driver.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3583]: chan_skinny.c:8452 config_load: Configuring skinny from skinny.conf
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3583]: cel_custom.c:97 load_config: No mappings found in cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.
[Oct 11 17:49:41] NOTICE[3583]: app_queue.c:8732 reload_queue_rules: queuerules.conf has not changed since it was last loaded. Not taking any action.

and after running the command pjsip show endpoints.
getting the issue below…

Endpoint: 6001 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6001/6001
Aor: 6001 5

Endpoint: 6002 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6002/6002
Aor: 6002 5

Objects found: 2

any help would be appreciated.

Try adding a qualify_frequency to your AOR definition.

I’d start with qualify_frequency=60 for once a minute.

Not working .if I do then it does not show the pjsip extensions after run the command pjsip show endpoints.