AGI -> shell -> java

i developed some java classes that do some stuff.

i need to call that software from asterisk and to return that output value to the dialplan.

I made this super- simple script, and i call it as an AGi script:

out=java -jar foo.jar $1 $2 $3
if [ $out = 1 ]
echo “SET VARIABLE bar 1”;
echo “SET VARIABLE bar 0”;
exit 0

if i call this script by hand from command line it works,
if i call it from dialplan as an AGI it sems to me that the foo.jar is not executed.

is what i am trying to do possible?
ideas? suggestion? help?

thanks in advice.

Try giving the full pathname.

you are right man!
it does the trick!

what a f***** noob error.

thank a lot.