What's a good analog (or SIP/WiFi) cordless phone for home?

I’d like to get about three cordless phones for my house and I don’t really care if they are analog (eg. using my Sipura 3000 FXS port) or SIP/WiFi. I don’t want to spend over $200, so I’m guessing that my only real option is to go “old-fashioned” analog cordless.

What are some of the better phones out there? I’d like a voicemail indicator and anything else that would interface nice to Asterisk. I don’t need any type of answering machine built-in to the phone because Asterisk is my voicemail server.

WiFi - Linksys WIP-300 is a decent phone.

If you want to stay under $200 total, then a traditional cordless plugged into your ATA is the best choice. If you want to stay under $200 each, then the UTStarcom F1000 is one of the few that hit that price point.