What should be the port type for TLS configuration

I’m configuring TLS and its working fine but in my router I selected type as TCP so I want to know what is the exact type for TLS port number.

Thank you

I’m not certain I understand your question correctly, but in my /etc/services
file, port 5060 is listed as “sip” and 5061 as “sip-tls”.

If that’s not what you wanted maybe you could re-phrase the question.


I’m using Asterisk 20.5.2 and in my etc folder there is not services folder or file is available.
But in manager.conf file there is open option to enable TLS and other parameter. So my question is do I need to configure here also for proper tls configuration.

openssl s_client -connect my_host:5039
;tlsenable=no		; set to YES to enable it
;tlsbindaddr=		; address and port to bind to, default to bindaddr and port 5039
;tlscertfile=/tmp/asterisk.pem	; path to the certificate.
;tlsprivatekey=/tmp/private.pem ; path to the private key, if no private given,
                                ; if no tlsprivatekey is given, default is to search
								; tlscertfile for private key.
;tlscipher=<cipher string>      ; string specifying which SSL ciphers to use or not use

My current configuration is in pjsip.conf

external_media_address=(External IP)
external_signaling_address=(External IP)


Thank you

This isn’t an Asterisk question.

TLS is implemented on TCP.

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