What is the purpose of this?

what these two lines serve in the folder extension.conf …

extane => mynumber, 1 Goto(ny-accoint, 12${EXTEN:5} ,1 ?

someone can say what it means or exactly $12 or $0


You only pasted a single line.

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It can’t have been transcribed correctly, as it would start “exten =>”.

However, the one line quoted appears to say if a call is made to “mynumber”, treat it as though it had been made to “12ber” in the context “my-accoint”.

“12ber” or “0ber” what it means, what it is meant for

I think you have a real language problem here. I’d suggest also asking the question in your first language. If you want to ask in English, do not make the question too short.

I have no idea where you get “0” from.

“10x” makes no sense out of context. It cannot appear as a line in a valid dialplan.

The line with the Goto in is not doing anything that a beginner shouldn’t understand, so you probably need to read up more on how dialplans work and look at the examples in extensions.conf.samples.

just do not understand what makes $12 and that’s why I wrote you a short message.

we are interested in what the idea of $12 in this field: extane => mynumber, 1 Goto(ny-accoint, 12${EXTEN:5} ,1

There is no “$12”. There is 12 concatenated with ${EXTEN:5}. The latter is ${EXTEN}, the current extension, with a sub-string modifier. This construction is very basic and explained in the sample configuration file.

Thanks for the information!!!

can you give me an extension.conf link ? I want to understand what the idea of this config file is