I Cannot read dialplan

Hi all,
I trying to read this code in extensions.conf:


exten => s,1,Dial(${NECO}/${ARG1})

exten => _002805.,1,Macro(NECO,${EXTEN:6})
exten => _002755.,1,Macro(NECO,${EXTEN:6})
exten => _007.,1,Macro(NECO,8${EXTEN:3})

exten => _06,1,Macro(NECO,${EXTEN:1})				
exten => _608,1,Macro(NECO,${EXTEN:1})			
exten => _6.,1,Macro(NECO,${EXTEN:1})

And I cannot find out what Dial(${NECO}/${ARG1}) do.

Can anyone explain it to me please?
Thanks a lot

If you are unable to understand that, you need to re-read the basic documentation, rather than ask on peer support forums.

${NECO} is a variable that is being set to the value of SIP/558123456
${ARG1} is the first argument being passed into the NECO macro.
So the Dial(${NECO}/${ARG1}) command will be completed to
Dial(SIP/558123456/XXXX)  where XXX is whatever argument is passed into the macro.

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