What is the difference b/w PRI_CPE & PRI_NET


What is the difference b/w PRI CPE and PRI NET ?

I am working in asterisk. But i dont have deep knowledge in asterisk. So i need to know few things before i starts.

I saw in dahdi-channels.conf that signelling is using PRI CPE. It’s automatically happens when i do the DAHDI commands.

Also i want to know that why 16th channels is not using ?

Where i can get the knowledge of basic like Signaling, D-channels, and so on… ?

Is there any web site to learn these things?

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Primary Rate Interface - Customer Premises Equipment. Primary Rate Interface - Network Side.

On E1 (2048Mb/s as used in Europe) channel 16 is used for signalling (and channel 0 for synchronisation and alarms).