Dahdi signalling confusing


I have a doubt related with dahdi, if I use an fxo port, I have to configure in chan_dahdi.conf:

signalling = fxs_ks ; the type of port of the other side.

If I use an E1/T1 card, should I use in the same way? Ex: If I want my port to be slave:

signalling = pri_net ; the type of the other side???

or I should use signalling = pri_cpe?

thanks in advance

use pri_net if you need to get time from other side . and use pri_cpe if your asterisk should provide timing for other side .

When you connect your asterisk server to telecom you should usally set pri_cpe . because telecom switches provide clocking for your side .

That is incorrect in two ways. pri_net & pri_cpe have nothing to do with “clocking”. Clocking is handled at the “span” configuration level in dahdi.conf.

pri_net & pri_cpe control who acts like the “ISDN Network” and who acts like the “ISDN Customer Equipment”. When you connect to a telco provided PRI, you’ll want to set to “pri_cpe” and set the span in dahdi.conf to take clock from the line because you are customer equipment. If you are plugging your asterisk box into a PBX or something that is not a telco provided, you’ll want to be set to “pri_net” because you are pretending to be the telephone network and you want to set the span in dahdi.conf to be timing level “0” to provide clock out onto the line.

Ok jpsharp I understood like you say, but in the book the future of the telephony 3ed appears pri_cpe and 0 for the clock, so, Is that possible?