What happened with asterisk-devel and asterisk-user mailing list?


I’m wondering about asterisk-devel and asterisk-user mailing lists. They seam to be dead since ~ 2023? What happened to them?


I don’t know. I’ve raised a ticket with IT to take a look.

Until now, nothing seems to be happened. Can you say when they will be available again?

They were restored, and discussions are occurring it looks like[1]. Due to the period of time in between it is possible messages were discarded by sending mail servers.

[1] The asterisk-dev January 2023 Archive by date

I have asked IT to double check sending though, to see if mail servers are currently rejecting or throttling due to the queue that was accumulated.

Well, there are many mails in the archive you mentioned - but they never seem to be sent out (at least I didn’t got them). On the other hand, I got a few mails back as undeliverable which I originally sent. That’s why I’m asking - for me the list seems to be still dad.

I’ve raised it with IT for them to investigate further.

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