Can't post on the mailing list

I’m subscribed to the list, but i can’t post. I sent a mesage to asterisk-biz and -users, but none appeared on the lists. I already contacted the list owner without results do far.

Anyway here is the mesage itself:

Subject: Opinions and experiences with ICSTEL

Anyone here have opinions and experiences to share about ICSTEL?

They appear sometimes on the news page of I received a
couple of replies from them, but nothing more. They have a couple of
intersting products but they appear to be dead/not responding, however,
they keep posting new products on How they expect to sell
if they behave like this?..

I have a price list from them, the prices are cheap. I’m particullary
interested on their analog GSM gateway because of its price… Any
opinion/experince would be welcome.


Any obvious reason that i’m missing?

Who should i contact to ask for help?