What do I reload / extension not working

Hi in our includes folder we have a file named internal_dial.conf which has our internal number processes.
I added one today exten => 777,1,Dial(SIP/240,1) that doesn’t work.

Do I need to reload anything after making the change, if so will it affect existing calls?

Calling 777 currently doesn’t do anything.


Yes (dialplan). No.

Thank you phone number works now.
Next part isn’t working. I’ve change action to exten => 777,1,Goto(14_day,s,1)

which is supposed to goto a queue called 14_day, which was setup before with an old message I want to change the message.

The queue configs are in campaigns.conf. I have changed the message name same => n,Playback(ivr/retensions/retensions1)
and done queue reload but it’s still playing the old message