What are the features of Digium PCI card... Why do i need it

Hello All,

i’m trying to figure what i need to make a working communication system based on Asterisk. So, i would know the basic resources (Hardware) that i need for.

A general purpose PC (although that includes embedded type devices with general purpose architectures), that is on the LInux compatibility list.

For more detail, you will need to provide more information, e.g. you may need an Ethernet port, you may need a USB, you may need PCI or PCI-E slots, or some combination. You will need some cabling and you may need other external hardware.

There may be multiple options, that use various different bits of external equipment, even with the same basic requirement.

I’d suggest a long study of http:/www.asteriskdocs.org/

If you have an pstn line you need an analog card with fxo ports on.
If you have a e/t1 you need a pri card.
If you leave in Europe you might need a bri card