Websocket Disconnected


Installed Asterisk 16.3.0 server with ctxSip client and server is up.

when trying to call from client(ctxSip), facing issue “websocket Disconnected”.

can anybody help me in this flow.


Have you configured http.conf? Is there any Asterisk console output on your attempt? Have you looked at the browser console for the page to see what it is attempting to connect to and then manually verified?

WebRTC is very complex, built on many layers of protocols and can and WILL have problems. You’re going to need to learn the basic layers of it and also how to debug things when it goes wrong.

Hello jcolp,

       Thanks for valuable reply, i configured http.conf, below are the configurations at server side.

conf conf

  After completion of configurations at server side, i tried to open asterisk server CLI, but i got issue like below


It would appear websocket is configured. You would now need to try it in an actual Javascript SIP implementation.

Hello Jcolp,

       I am new to this concept, can you explain some more in detail regarding : "You would now need to try it in an actual Javascript SIP implementation".


WebRTC is a set of APIs that Javascript can use to do real time communications. Asterisk supports SIP over Websockets for this. You would need to use something like JsSIP or presumably the “ctxSip” client you previously mentioned and see why it is not working. The browser console can usually provide a hint as to what is happening, otherwise you have to look into the HTML/Javascript that is being used to understand what is going on/happening.

You really really don’t want to get into WebRTC without a basic understanding of how it works (for example what ICE, STUN, and TURN is or basic knowledge of debugging such as using webrtc-internals in Chrome) though. As I stated it can and will go wrong and have problems.

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We need to install SIPjs in client machine or server machine?
I need some details on UA for the Asterisk Configuration.

Based on below image, in that image they following some step, i need to do that step in client machine or Server machine on which file.

The client is HTML and Javascript files which are served up from a web server. It’s a webpage. You would serve it up from wherever you wanted.

You would use the websocket address for the Asterisk server, and the username/password would be what you’ve configured in Asterisk.

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