WebRTC + PJSIP = Perfect Setup?

Hello everybody,

In order to map the best practices and configurations of PJSIP + WebSocket, I have the following questions:

  • Scenario: 1500 user/agent in realtime, all using WebSockets with SSL;

  • Server with 2x 8 Core CPU, 32GB RAM, 512GB M.2 PRO. CentOS 7

  1. PJSIP Global / System:

What values ​​are indicated for tuning?

  1. PJSIP Endpoint:

What are the main settings / parameters involved for WebSocket to work?

  1. PJSIP Aors:

What values ​​are recommended for “Qualify” (Default, Minimum, Maximum, Interval)?

  1. http.conf
    a) Which timeout/idle timers are indicated?
    b) Does Asterisk’s internal server support how many connected users? Is there any limit ?
    c) Is it recommended to make/apply some reverse proxy (Use Apache/Ng) on ​​the front and redirect WS to Asterisk?

  2. Linux

What major kernel tunings are recommended for this scenario (Centos 7 + Asterisk + WebSocket ) ?

Note Sorry for the numerous questions, but I believe this will serve to clarify the doubts of many.

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