Suggested number of pjsip threadpool_max_size

Having an asterisk 16.20 relying heavily on WebRTC endpoints with an average load of 220 calls and 450 websockets opened, I would like to know what is the suggested value for PJSIP threadpool_max_size as we are experiencing some timeouts.
The machine has 8cpu’s and 16GB of memory.

Noone can give you a suggested value because you have to test yourself based on your environment and usage patterns. You should also define what “some timeouts” actually means, because it may be completely unrelated or unchanged by touching the threadpool sizing.

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I understand.
The timeouts were: res_http_websocket.c: Error reading from web socket: Connection timed out.

We played in fact with the value by setting it to 250 and it resolved the Timeouts issue.

The thing is we are experiencing frequent asterisk crashes, and we are in a middle of an investigation to really understand why, so we are checking all configuration we have changed during this time.

After reverting to default value it crashed again and we now know its not related to this anyway. We will increase step by step this parameter.

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