WebRTC + FireFox issues to solve

Hi, I was configure a box with Asterisk 11.7 to run WebRTC and DTLS-SRTP configurations at the peers. When I try to call a extension I receive the follow message

[May 9 16:01:57] WARNING[25794][C-00000012]: chan_sip.c:11034 process_sdp_a_dtls: Unsupported fingerprint hash type ‘sha-2’ received on dialog ‘f770it9i9s6l1ku8pivt’

Here is part of my sip.conf (peer configuration)

[8009] language=pt_BR context=default trustrpid=yes sendrpid=no qualify=yes qualifyfreq=600 type=friend ; we only want to call out, not be called regexten=8009 secret=XXXX encryption=yes remotesecret=XXXX defaultuser=8009 ; Authentication user for outbound proxies fromuser=8001 ; Many SIP providers require this! host=dynamic avpf=yes icesupport=yes directmedia=no dial=SIP/8009 disallow=all allow=ulaw ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ; DTLS-SRTP CONFIGURATION dtlsenable = yes dtlsverify = no dtlsrekey = 60 dtlscertfile=/var/lib/asterisk/keys/asterisk.crt dtlsprivatekey=/var/lib/asterisk/keys/asterisk.key dtlscipher=NULL-SHA256 dtlscapath=/var/lib/asterisk/keys/ dtlssetup = actpass

Some one has any clue to solve this problem?



Any clue how to solve this? to have a valid hash type?