WebRTC Asterisk 11.X crashes when >10 calls at the same time

When Asterisk (WebRTC) gets more then 10 calls at the same time from Sipp it lay down with this message:

kernel: asterisk[1630] general protection ip:3ea04892f0 sp:7f25d372dac8 error:0 in libc-2.12.so[3ea0400000+18a000]

We test the all version from 11.9 to 11.14 with default configs on centos6.6 and debian7.7.0 i686 and x64
Asterisk was build with ssl, srtp, crypto. all settings to generate key use from official web site.
All user was configured with dtls keys.

Had anyone got this problem? Please help!


Please see the Issue reporting guidelines and process documented here:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … Guidelines

Thank you!