[Webex] SIP Trunk integration with Asterisk

Hi group,

I’m looking for documents for integration with Cisco’s Webex(https://www.webex.com/) and Asterisk.
But I can’t find any docs related to this.

In detail,

  • We’re trying to set up Webex’s SIP Trunk and want to connect to the Asterisk.
  • We want to deliver the call from Asterisk to Webex and put them in to join the meeting.

Are there any documents that I can follow step by step or is there anyone who has experience with this?

Thank you.

Not done it, but seems doable per generic Cisco docs on Webex SIP trunk connectivity, using Asterisk as your SBC (which it isn’t that, although you asked about Asterisk, and it could probably do the job.)

Please do let us know how it goes! Your step-by-step could be the first!

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