Web Meetme

Hi ,

I am trying to install web-meetme on asterisk 1.6 . I have followed some guide that I have found on the internet but is not works!
When I type in my web browser : server/web-meetme, the response is " Page not found"
If I put only : server , I receive the directories from web-meetme.
What’s going on?
Thank in advanced!!


you could check that whether /etc/httpd/httpd.conf is setting the document root to /var/www.


Hi dereklinrs!

Thanks for your help!
In fact , I am using Debian Lenny and I have not /etc/httpd/httpd.cong, I have /etc/apache2/httpd.conf instead, But this file is empty at the doment.

If you could still more specific please!!

Thaks a lot!!