Ways to feed audio into a meetme conference?

if I wanted to feed audio into a meetme conference as the only talker and have other callers listen only…

would I have to have the the admin or marked caller go on hold and feed music-on-hold into the conference?

or is there another way to establish the conference and then have a ‘pre-connected’ audio session dial in with talk priveleges? or something???

I don’t really want to do something like icecast, but i am sip trunking to a conference where I want to provide an audio channel for callers to listen to. There are a number of scenarios I need to support, including one where the admin user feeds his own audio over his connection to the conference. That’s pretty straight-forward since the caller is responsible to provide the audio feed over a telecom or sip connection.

The other primary scenario is what I’m struggling with: how to add to the conference another local/internal channel that might be one of either a console(sound card) or a playback(mp3-file). These scenarios make demoing or managing the situation possible.

for example, would I somehow get the sound card chanel into a meetme conference and the listeners into another, and then the admin could dial a menu command to merge the conferences?

or could I use the n-way call demo script as the basis for how to enable the admin user to call out of the conference to the sound-card channel and thereby join it to the conference?

Any suggestions appreciated.



I think you can fix this by doing the following:

start a conference
make a call file in the process and have it copied to the outgoing dir that point to an extension where it will join the meetme conference and start MusicOnHold in the process. Search on cmd Meetme and you find the information needed

You can just do it mannually (fix the extension, make a call file mannually and copy it in the outgoing dir) while the conference is in process. If you have a proof of concept (music in the conference after copying it to the outgoing dir) you can start figuring out how you can do it with asterisk codes, scripts etc.

As soon as the conference is up and running with music you can keep it this way, the moh will not stop as soon as you have it up and running. So maybe you can stick to the manully proof of concept way.