.wav files intermittent recording issues

I hope I can explain this in enough detail that someone may have some ideas.

I use the record Record function so callers can call in and leave a message. Here is an example of how I am using it in the dialplan:

exten => xxxxxxxxx,n,Record(${TMPNAME}.wav,0,40,kxq)

I have a DID that when someone call’s in, enters a dtmf code, it will record the message they leave. This has been working good for quite a while however lately I am having issues where intermittently the recording left is quite slow. Sometimes the whole recording is slow, sometimes the first part is slow, the rest is normal and visa versa. Probably about 80% of the time it is completely normal.

Server load is very minimal. The highest loads I have ever see are 0.35, 0.11, 0.8. It is a powerful server, lots of ram, should not be hardware related.

Was running version 11.2.1 but recently upgraded to 11.20.0 with no improvement. it is on Centos 6.5 Codec is g711 ulaw.

I have been using tcpdump to try to diagnose the system and in the dumps the call is coming in fine when the wav recording is choppy.

For some reason I can not attach a file but I will try to post a link to it later.

I’m willing to try anything, I don’t know how to diagnose this any further unfortunately.


OK, I am slowly learning a little more about this. In the capture there are lots of Sequence errors and lost RTP packets. What could cause this?
Max delta = 144.81 ms at packet no. 113383
Max jitter = 31730.42 ms. Mean jitter = 209.87 ms.
Max skew = 507685.02 ms.
Total RTP packets = 1386 (expected 1386) Lost RTP packets = -1037 (-74.82%) Sequence errors = 1037
Duration -479.38 s (481914 ms clock drift, corresponding to -42 Hz (-100.

Overloaded network. Buffer bloat in network.

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Thanks for the answer. It is hosted a data centre I will get them to look into their end.

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