Warning message

Hi All,

I have reloaded my asterisk and found lots of warning messages. Does anyone here explain what these massages. Any help is appreciated

WARNING[4467]: chan_mgcp.c:4242 reload_config: Unable to get our IP address, MGCP disabled
WARNING[13321]: pbx_dundi.c:4450 set_config: Unable to look up host 'FinestDial’
WARNING[13321]: chan_iax2.c:2879 reload_firmware: Error opening firmware directory ‘/var/lib/asterisk/firmware/iax’: No such file or directory
WARNING[13321]: acl.c:467 ast_str2tos: TOS value lowdelay is deprecated. Please see doc/ip-tos.txt for more information.

  1. Your DNS is broken
  2. Your DNS is broken, or dundi.conf has a bad host name in it.
  3. The directory with the firmware for your IAX phones is missing, possibly because you don’t actually need it because you are not downloading firmware into IAX phones.
  4. You are using an obsolete option that will soon be removed. Read the doc/ip-tos.txt in the source tree for further details.