【question】warnings by starting asteris

there are several warnings after starting

WARNING[9939]:res_musiconhold.c 833 moh_register:Unable to open pseudo channel for timing... Sound maybe choppy
WARNING[9939]: pbx_dundi.c:4584 set_config: Unable to lookup host : xxxx
WARNING[9939]: chan_mgcp.c: 4213 reload_config: Uable to get our IP address ,MGCP disabled
WARNING[9939]: chan_iax.c:9553 load_module : Unable to open IAX timing interface: no such device or address
WARNING[9939]:  chan_skinny.c:3154 reload_config :Unable to get our IP address , Skinny disabled

What are the problems and what should I do

btw, after registration of a soft phone , I tried “sip show registration”, but it shows no host and username and the refresh state, actually the soft phone shows it has successfully registried,why?