Warning[1908]:res_xmpp.c:3128 and Google Voice

I’ve got Asterisk 11.5 installed on Ubuntu 12.04.02. I’ve got my Asterisk system interfacing with Google Voice. I can get calls and make calls just fine.

In my CLI log, I get the following errors:

  • WARNING[1908]: res_xmpp.c:3128 xmpp_pak_presence: Received presence information about ‘email address I’ve never heard of before[at]public.talk.google.com’ despite not having them in roster on client ‘google’

  • I also get a warning about a couple email addresses that I am familiar with

Any clues about what this is and how to resolve it would be great!

I looked up about res_xmpp.c:3128 for Asterisk 11.5 from github.com/jcollie/asterisk/blo … res_xmpp.c

And got the following:

/*! \brief Internal function called when we authenticated as a component */
static int xmpp_component_authenticating(struct ast_xmpp_client *client, struct ast_xmpp_client_config *cfg, int type, iks *node)
if (strcmp(iks_name(node), “handshake”)) {
ast_log(LOG_ERROR, “Failed to authenticate component ‘%s’\n”, client->name);
return -1;

iks_filter_add_rule(client->filter, xmpp_component_service_discovery_items_hook, client, IKS_RULE_NS, "http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#items", IKS_RULE_DONE);

iks_filter_add_rule(client->filter, xmpp_component_service_discovery_get_hook, client, IKS_RULE_SUBTYPE, IKS_TYPE_GET, IKS_RULE_NS, "http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info", IKS_RULE_DONE);

/* This uses the client service discovery result hook on purpose, as the code is common between both */
iks_filter_add_rule(client->filter, xmpp_client_service_discovery_result_hook, client, IKS_RULE_SUBTYPE, IKS_TYPE_RESULT, IKS_RULE_NS, "http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info", IKS_RULE_DONE);

iks_filter_add_rule(client->filter, xmpp_component_register_get_hook, client, IKS_RULE_SUBTYPE, IKS_TYPE_GET, IKS_RULE_NS, "jabber:iq:register", IKS_RULE_DONE);
iks_filter_add_rule(client->filter, xmpp_component_register_set_hook, client, IKS_RULE_SUBTYPE, IKS_TYPE_SET, IKS_RULE_NS, "jabber:iq:register", IKS_RULE_DONE);

xmpp_client_change_state(client, XMPP_STATE_CONNECTED);

return 0;


Here are my conf files:

Motif.conf ----->
[google] ; references in the outbound call
context = incoming-motif
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
connection = google

RTP.conf ---->
icesupport = yes

XMPP.conf ----->


[google] ; this and connection in motif.conf file must match

type = client
serverhost = talk.google.com
username = mygmailaddress
secret = topsecret
priority = 127
port = 5222
usetls = yes
usesasl = yes
status = available
statusmessage = "present"
timeout = 5