Wanted : Testlab Setup

Hi all,

I?m sure this has been asked before, but I checked the FAQ, googled etc. and still can?t find the answer. So maybe you can help me here :smile:

In order to get familiar with voip technology, I want to set up a small voip telephone system for testing purposes: Real phonecalls are not planned, so I?m pretty much simulating 2 remote locations and a small telco system :smile:. IF I can connect to the real world phonesystem, that?s an option for later, but it?s not ultimately necessary.

I think about something like :

  • 2 computers running asterisk, simulating 2 remote locations. connection will be thru a switched 100 Mbit network (testnet, no other traffic).

  • each computer should have 2 phones attached so one can call internally and externally (referring to the testnet) at both “locations” (i.e. both ends of the same table :smile:)

Computers are no issue, I will get 2 dedicated machines for that purpose.

But what hardware phones would you recommend ? Did I miss something else ?

Someone told me to get dlink dph120s/e, but this someone has no idea about asterisk… the phones should be good quality, no high end, no el cheapo stuff.

Thanks in advance,