Want to send DTMF during call

I have a scenario. Two persons are calling with each other during call i want to send dtmf didits e.g cradit card info to other.
How is it possible in asterisk.


Make sure dtmfmode, and the equivalent on the phones, is set correctly, then simply key the number on the sending phone.

Thanks Sir,

But can tell me with some more detail. Means when call is going to start and during call we press dtmf how can it go let suppose on an ivr.

can you tell me with some dial plan example

There is no dialplan required to meet your original requirement, and, if it were, I’d consider providing it to cross the line into free consultancy. dtmfmode is in sip.conf and must be appropriate for the peer, so I can’t tell you exactly what you need in your particular case.

Thanks sir

exten => _x,1,Dial(sip/…/{exten})

In this scenario two way communication start between 2 persons.They are talking. Person 1 wants to go some ivr after pressing 8. Or we want to send person 1 to another context. Then …

I thought you wanted to pass the DTMF to something other than the current Asterisk system. If you want to take Asterisk out of a call you will need to use features.conf or SIP transfers.

I think you need to be a lot clearer about what you are trying to do, and why (I’m begining to suspect that you have half designed a solution when you really need to be asking about the original problem).