Want to make my alarm cause * to call cell and play sound


**I swear I searched, I am 98% sure this is not a discussed toppic :blush: **

I have a DLS PC5010 home alarm system installed in my house. The unit was installed by me and I am the only one with access to the programming. The 5010 is great save for one issue, when an alarm is triggered in the house it picks up the home phone, dials my cell and 0 10 times (pulse dial). This means IF I answer the phone in time I would hear clicking on the phone and know it was the alarm system, if I missed the call I would have no idea who called my cell from the house :confused: .

I would like to have the alarm system dial 9999 and hang up, then have asterisk call my cell and play “The sky is falling the sky is falling” over and over until I hang up (or something along those lines.). This would allow me to know that the alarm is sounding and act accordingly :smiling_imp: .

Is this doable? and if so, how?

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Any help is really appreciated.



I think this is possible.

  1. Asterisk can do pulse dial
  2. At the cli> show application Dial
    this option; A(x) - Play an announcement to the called party, using ‘x’ as the file.
  3. S(x) - Hang up the call after ‘x’ seconds after the called party has

I will test it ou and let you know

Sorry, just to clerify, I dont need to use pulse dial, I was only using that because I wanted it to dial my cell and take a long time before it hangs up. I can use tone dial.

Please do let me know if you get the call back to work… and thanks for the quick responce. I dont follow the info you gave, but I will do some reading to try and put er together. Thanks…



Here is one way to do it.

;Create a Call file
Channel: SIP/902
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 20
WaitTime: 10
Context: internal
Extension: 101
Priority: 1

;Add to extensions.conf
exten => 222,1,Goto(alarm-callback,s,1)
exten => 222,2,HangUp()

;Add this context to extensions.conf
exten=>s,2,System(cp /tmp/alarm/alarm.call /tmp/alarm.call)
exten=>s,3,System(mv /tmp/alarm.call /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/)

;Music class with one sound file
exten => 101,1,Answer()
exten => 101,2,MusicOnHold(alarm)
exten => 101,3,HangUp()

;Add to musiconhold.conf and makdir alarm and copy soundfile to alarm

Why not just create an extension that the alarm dials. Make that extension call the cell number then play the sound file. You could set up a loop to play it over and over again.

This sounds simpler and it would seem to me to be easy to test. Just dial the number the alarm would dial.

Thank you so much for the fast post. This is great!!! I will be trying this today and I will post the result.

As for the dial and play sound, I would love to do that, but it is my understanding that if I do that and the alarm hangs up it drops the call. The alarm is actually designed to do this:
1: Dial modem
2: If modem answers negotiate and connect
3: If no connection in 2 seconds drop call
4: If modem then send hex status code
5: drop call

So the alarm pannel will not keep the call alive, it just dials and drops the call.

Please by all means educate me if I am wrong about the call being dropped.


That is GREAT! it works. Thank you so much.

Can I specify multiple channel lines? or is there a way to dial multiple extensions like you do in call groups ie:

I don’t think you can do SIP/901&SIP/902 in the call file. I tested it and it does not like it.

You could create a second call file to tho other number you wish to dial and copy/move both of them.

I am sure it could be done with AGI but I don’t know AGI yet.

Right, thats fantastic. Thanks…