WaitForSilence detecting silence when there's voice

Hi all,

I’ve been using waitForSilence for like 2 years now without a problem, but suddenly, it’s detecting before it should, only for one network (in south africa MTN)

I don’t know if they changed any setting on their side, but I would like to change the silence threshold to test if that’s the issue.

I’m using asterisk 1.4, SIP, and I read that if the dsp.conf file is missing the threshold defaults to 0, and it should be 256.

So I added dsp.conf:

; Length of sound (in milliseconds) before a period of silence is considered
; to be a change from talking to silence or a period of noise converts silence
; to talking. [default=256]

But I tested and it still detects the silence in the wrong place.

Does anyone know what’s the solution for this problem?



Hi I just realized that the silence threshold defined in dsp.conf is not the amplitude of silence required (ex in DB) but the duration in ms. Does anyone know if the silence amplitude can be changed?


Hi Laura I have the same problem. I need to change the amplitude. I am hoping that the definition in dsp.conf is wrong!!!