VoIP work-from-home support engineer

Voisonics is hiring a VoIP support engineer to assist our customers running Asterisk based hosted PBX platforms. This is a part-time contract work-from-home position.

For communication reasons we’re looking for someone in a timezone encompassing New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Mexico. If you are not physically located in that area please do not apply - being “flexible” from another part of the world is not what we’re looking for.

The role involves providing technical support of Asterisk based PBX platforms to our customer’s technical staff, Linux system administration, and small dev-ops type development projects. It does not involve providing technical support to end users or the general public.

Customers are located around the world. You will generally be responding during your business hours, though sometimes out of hours work will be necessary. Once training is completed, the position will involve providing 24x7 on-call emergency cover in rotation with other staff.


  1. Fluent command-line Linux ability on Ubuntu, Debian, Rocky, CentOS, and/or RedHat.
  2. Asterisk administration and configuration experience.
  3. SIP debugging experience. For example, you should know what packets are typically involved in setting up a call.
  4. Experience with administration and configuration of Apache and MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  5. Ability to program in Perl or shell scripts.
  6. Good written and verbal English language ability.
  7. Ability to solve problems and create solutions independently. Although there are other staff, most work is done by one engineer on their own.
  8. Have experience providing professional IT support to business.
  9. Be an individual self-employed contractor.


  1. Experience with Kamailio, NFS, GlusterFS, Puppet, or Zabbix.
  2. C, Go, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML or CSS programming ability.
  3. Advanced network knowledge (beyond basic Linux networking which is a must-have).

To apply please use the following form:

If you’re the right person, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Our team can do it, i will fill your form soon

Hi Voip.com.vn,

I would like to join your team. Kindly reach out to me on my email address lanrekushalu@gmail.com.
Thank you

Kushalu Lanre

On Sat, 6 Apr 2024 at 04:34, voip.com.vn via Asterisk Community <notifications@asterisk.discoursemail.com> wrote:

April 6

Our team can do it, i will fill your form soon

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