Manhattan company seeks VoIP & Asterisk Engineer/Develop

My name is Josh Weinstein. I am a corporate recruiter with EmployStaff, a search firm operating out of San Diego. I’m currently searching for a VoIP Engineer/Developer for a client in Manhattan. The client is composed of two divisions: one division leverages its strong relationships with a global network of telecommunications vendors to market to retailers of international telecom services at the lowest possible rates; the other division markets VoIP services with a unique, multi-faceted approach. They offer VoIP service to customers who do not have broadband at their point of service, and harness the buying power of the other division to offer their retail-level customers wholesale international rates. This is a private, strongly funded company that is looking for a chief in-house VoIP Engineer who will both build out network interconnect and develop the features of their VoIP network.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with customers to implement, test, and turn up VoIP installations
  • Develop VoIP network features, internal routing, voice prompt, etc. w/ Asterisk
  • Work heavily with data and billing engineers, doing call messaging, etc. w/ SIP

Required Qualifications:

  • VoIP expertise: SIP, Cisco Gateways, Asterisk
  • Linux and Network Administration expertise

Preferred Skills:

  • Perl, C, Python
  • NextTone Switching


  • Negotiable, depending on experience. My client is very eager to reward creative contributions to their pioneering venture.

Please contact me at if you or someone you know matches this profile. Thanks.

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