VOIP Using Asterisk

If I want use Asterisk for VOIP like this website


can I do that ?

If you want to be an service provider, Asterisk isn’t the right tool. Look into Kamailio or OpenSIPS.

many thanx , for your help
please can you tell me , what can I do with Asterisk software ?
I mean what Asterisk software can do !?

many thanx for you

and please witch is batter on your opinion ( Kamailio or OpenSIPS. )

many thanx

You can do a lot of things with Asterisk, but its specialty isn’t being a front-end service for a service provider.

I have no opinion on the preference of Kamailio or OpenSIPS; I don’t use either.


It was suggested to me that I point out that Asterisk isn’t something that provides free phone calls to the PSTN, you’ve still got to buy that connection to the PSTN from someone - either from your telco in the form of direct PSTN access (E1 lines, analog trunks and the like), or from a carrier that provides VoIP termination, an Internet Telephony Service Provide (ITSP).

Asterisk is a tool that someone might employ if they were building an ITSP, but it would be the tool that provides telephony applications to customers, e.g. voicemail, conferencing, IVR, etc. A SIP proxy, such as Kamailio or OpenSIPS would be the front-end tool handling registration and basic calling.