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I had great help from these guys today and wanted to recommend anyone looking for a VOIP provider to check out their service. The lines are crystal clear and setup was easy with the help of their 24/7 and courteous tech support.

Check them out. They offer instant toll-free DID numbers and low rates. I’m sold and have found a provider that backs up what they say they can do.


The only way to find out anything about their service is to register, then log in to their portal.
Having done that I discovered that calls to the UK are charged at $US0.22 per minute! 22 cents per minute. Here in the UK, providers are charging about one tenth of that.
So no way is this company competitive in this market.

The Rates will be updated, some of the rates listed are incorrect.
We have better rates being updated on the site in your account profile.
The rates you see there are not the rates we are charging, they are old
and mistakenly had not been updated.

Thanks for your post, it brought this to my attention.


These are the rates being charged, the displayed rates were incorrect:

United Kingdom 0044 FIX 0.05 0

United Kingdom OTHER 00447 MOB 0.02 0

United Kingdom 0044207 FIX 0.05 0

United Kingdom 0044208 FIX 0.05 0

United Kingdom 00440 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00443 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00444 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00445 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00446 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00448 FIX 0.02 0

United Kingdom 00449 FIX 0.02 0

[quote=“Suavemente”]These are the rates being charged, the displayed rates were incorrect: …
It is easy to have correct rates - you need to use same table to charge and display…
Instead of showing here corections, just correct on right place.
I havn’t seen how many simulataneous call could be done.
Also it will be great if you have dedicated number for echo test …

can you confirm that rate ? that looks too good to be true !

edit : can you also tell me why the credit-add page is a) plain http, and b) goes to your server and not a server of the service you claim to use for payment. ???

We used to use Authorize.net’s form post method, recently we switched to using their API instead, much cleaner interface.

well i certainly wouldn’t enter my CC details into that form. if you’re not processing the payment, why would you need the details ?

and sending them via clear text. no thanks. what other payment/credit options can you offer ? paypal ?

We are processing the payment.
In 24 hours, we will have a secure certificate which will secure the page as well so you can wait until then if you prefer.

We accept most all major credit cards and epassport and neteller.
No paypal because we have been scammed by paypalers too many times. :smile:

I like the fact that you are addressing your concerns here, it helps us make improvements.

if the payment processor is authorize.net, you shouldn’t even need to see the CC details.

the secure certificate is going to help. but still, i wouldn’t be happy entering my CV2 code into a form on your site, secure or not. i don’t like the lack of contact details, policy/contract links or details of how you use and store data. it’s all just a bit vague right now.

if you’re going to do well in this market, you’ll need to inspire confidence in your customers. a professional interface is a good start :smiley:

Not sure if you know this or not, however that interface is activly being
worked on.

Were here to enter the market, we have been in beta for 1 year and are just now beginning to accept signups, which is why your feedback is helpful.

Not sure also if you are aware of how authorize.net works, but this is
how all large companies do their processing. Only smaller companies will use their form methods. There will be more information on the site shortly.

Also, to instill some confidence to the buyers: We have been in business since 1994 as a colocation/datacenter and hosting company. We found voip a natural progression and are working hard to develop customer satisfaction levels that are beyond what is expected. Hopefully once were all situated, you too will become a satisfied customer.

The reason your credit card information is taken on our site is so that you can choose to auto-refill your balance and things in the future. We will not process your credit card in any way shape or form without you initiating it.

As promised, SSL Certificate has been installed.


Enjoy the new security there.

Update: Rates now pull from the database and are no longer seperate.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

We just cant let things sit un-addressed so the next update is…

Echo test line:
+1 619 342 0263.

This goes directly to our asterisk farm in San Diego.

It can also be tested by dialling from the PSTN, which will show you
latency from our PSTN gateway to the asterisk setup as well.

“whenever you need a friend, call echo test line
hello : hello”

My tech said that to me, thought it was funny.

Update: We added several new routes and better intelligent call routing to get you the lowest per minute costs possible.


i don’t think this is the place to be advertising. take the free advert you have had and be happy with it.

Thats not intentional advertising, thats showing those concerned that we responded to their needs. After all, the posts in this thread were all a product of replies to concerns postes.



to my mind, 6 consecutive posts with “updates” counts as advertising. let’s be reasonable. this is a user forum, not a biz forum. you previously posted the rates, then that they were linked to the billing db.

and unfortunately, this is still the case. i see no documentation about your service either on the “main” page or inside the portal. now that’s a user need i think you should be concentrating on.

Again, I appreciate your feedback.

The “information” you are referring to about our services is being posted on our site. Since the start of this thread we have accomplished alot in a matter of a couple days. I’m only waiting for our designer to get the pages posted.

Realize that this is a user forum, and we are a user of Asterisk and
a supplier of a solution. Our only intention is to provide good customer service and reliable call completion.