VOIP Newbie

I am starting up a new company and am planning to implement voip solution using asterisk. Now i m completely new to these technologies (sip, voip, asterisk). Eventhough i have gone thru a lot of technical material on these topics i m unable to find help on how to exactly implement it. I m in desperate need of a guide to show me how to setup a voip network within a company and also connect it to a remotely situated company. Kindly advice.
Thank you.

For starters read “The book”: h6315.com/ast_docs/Asterisk%20TFOT%20v2.pdf

I’m in somewhat of the same boat. Thanks Dovid!


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If you want to learn the “ins and outs” of Asterisk read the book and play away. Also sign up for services with an ITSP and play in different scenarios (e.g. with NAT etc.).