Voicemail storage over odbc and postgres

Has anyone gotten voicemail storage over odbc working with postgres? I have been trying to get this working and keep hitting snags.


I have with ODBC to MySQL.

Thanks – The directions are for MYSQL. I am hitting things that are probably postgres specific.

havein to change double quotes(") to single quotes in app_voicemail.c and
now I am hitting what I think are bind promplems with ODBC “?” bind parameters.
I am wondeing if anyone has gotten around this.


Try avoiding “?” bind parameter. As soon as I replaced the bind parameter’s statement with string concatenation (ex. “…” + value + “…”) it worked :smile:.

It is some kind of problem in postgres odbc, when preparing statement. I don’t know where exactly, but it seems that prepareStatement receives error while sending such a statement to DB.