ODBC Voicemail Storage mess

I made a mistake apparently when I ran make menuselect on our new Asterisk 16 server. I must have selected ODBC Voicemail Storage which I guess seemed OK because I didn’t know I would be forced to use it.

It appears that after moving a bunch of production users to this box that my voicemail was half (not all) broke because I never configured ODBC, because well, I didn’t want it.

So I thought hey, piece of cake, I just figure out what option I need to set in voicemail.conf to disable ODBC storage. Nope… It seems that I must rebuild the src with this flag turned off…

Well… I’m ascared’ to do that on a production system, just doesn’t seem smart.

So, I went ahead and configured ODBC and my voicemail is sort of working now but not completely. I have no desire to store my voicemail in blobs in the DB and I have other issues I haven’t worked through due to this new storage method.

I flat out don’t want to use this but I also don’t want to have to rebuild the source of a live production Asterisk box.

At this point I’m considering building a Voicemail Only Asterisk box the way I want it to work and redirecting all voicemail to this new server to resolve this issue.

Is there truly no way to disable ODBC voicemail storage without rebuilding from source? I just want file based storage like I have used for years.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

There isn’t. Both IMAP and ODBC take over functions of app_voicemail used for file storage when building. You have to rebuild in order to return to file based.

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