Voicemail data announcement wrong

Dear users,

I am facing an issue since some time (that I did not have before).

When a voicemail is left on a mailbox, the email received and the announcement in the voicemail date & time are wrong.

My server uses UTC time, and no timezone is selected.
I have also set no tz into the voicemail.conf.

I receive from a while a bad time one hour in the future in the email notification (received voicemail @3h40 pm, announced : on Monday, October 27, 2008 at 03:00:00 PM GMT).

How could I take care of this to get the time displayed with local time ?

What you must know is that the server is used for WebMeetMe application and used with several countries, so we want the server time to stay UTC (GMT).

BEst regards

Any idea ? :frowning: