Voicemail audio file not getting played

I am trying to play the voicemail for an extension. I have done the following setup.

6152 => 7152,abcd,abcd@google.com.au
6153 => 7153,efgh@google.com.au
6154 => 7154,test@google.com.au

exten => 5154,1,Dial(SIP/test,10)
exten => 5154,2,VoiceMail(6154@tutorial)
exten => 5154,3,PlayBack(voicemail-phonedigits)
exten => 5154,4,HangUp()

voicemail-phonedigits is a .wav file which i have stored under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds as voicemail-phonedigits.wav

EArlier i was not haivng a asterisk voicemail package when i installed asterisk 1.8.32, but when i installed voicemail using yum install i can see the call is directly hanging up without the .wav file being played.

Please can you help me know if i am doing the correct set up with the wav file and also if there are any specific setting for a voice clip to be like its Khz or bits or the location or format of the file or the script i created in extensions.conf