Voicemail answering messages

I have recorded my messges that will be played to a caller e.g. for unavailable, but an incoming caller hears both my message and following that the standard female announcer repeating most of what I’ve just said (“Leave a message after the tone etc”). How can I get he system to only give my message before recording?



The most obvious fix is to simply leave those things out of your spoken message since you know it’s going to be in ‘vm-intro’ anyway.

Assuming you’ve built it from source, you can comment-out line 2462 in app_voicemail.c and rebuild the voicemail module. That will get rid of the message all right, but it may effect some other things.

        if (!res && !ast_test_flag(options, OPT_SILENT)) {
                // the line below normally plays the intro
                // res = ast_streamfile(chan, INTRO, chan->language);
                if (!res)
                        res = ast_waitstream(chan, ecodes);
                if (res == '#') {
                        ast_set_flag(options, OPT_SILENT);
                        res = 0;

Hey, maybe you know the answer to this: Once a new unavailable message is set, how does one get rid of it?

Uhhh - I’d hoped it was somewhere in an obscure conf file.

Thomastim - you probably know most of this already but in the interests of help to others I’ll start at the beginning:
(assuming message box 9999)
If you use the addmailbox script (which I couldn’t find and had to download seperately) you will produce a directory called /var/spool/asterisk/vm/9999 which contains some default gsm files and a INBOX subdirectory. The example 1234 mailbox from voicemail.conf has not been automatically generated.
Interesting I think if you now try to use this mailbox you get the OMINOUS SILENCE (but a message is still recorded)
Now you can record your message.
Your messages live in: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/9999
The files look like unavailable.gsm, uavailable.wav and unavailable.WAV and are the same thing (I think) in all the formats specified in voicemail.conf. There already is a directory for 1234. More interesting IT IS ONLY YOUR MESSAGE i.e. the irritating default voice is not at the end of it - so the system must glue two audio files together to give the unavailable response - this is why I assumed that there must be an easier way than changing the makefile.
All I did was to delete ALL the unavailble files in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/9999 and rerecord - brutal, but it worked.


if you call voicemail with the ‘s’ option, it skips the instructions.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … +VoiceMail

Thanks Baconbuttie - I think we can call that resolved now


Sorry about that PaulL, somehow I missed that one even though I was looking right at the flags right in the code.