Filtering voicemail


is there a way of filtering a voicemail message?
for instance someone call and connected to voicemail, IVR said that “say the message after the tone”, but after the tone the caller say nothing and after a couple of minute the call is bing hangup. so obviously the Asterisk server will consider it as voicemail and by the time the owner of that extensions access the mailbox he/she will be informed for new message and as he/she open it its only “hiss” as in nothing.

so i would like to remove or not to save this message in the mailbox
how its gonna be?


it’s configurable in voicemail.conf. look at the wiki pages, or if you have the source, /usr/src/asterisk/configs/voicemail.conf.sample

ah ok thanks for immediate reply.

meanwhile, in mailbox option. when i record my unavailable message its working (for instance i record “hi this is me im not available”) when my extension is being dialed and im not availbale to answer the call the caller can hear the “hi this is me im not availble” message after setted timeout.

well!..sounds good but i can still alison smith saying “please leave your message after the tone” after my recorded message. can i remove the message of alison smith and after my recorded message(“hi this is me im not availble”) the caller could immediately leave the message?

a quick fix would be to
find out the sound file that does this(usually voicemail dounds have “vm-” prefix). Replace it with your file having the same name.

even quicker would be using the ‘s’ option to skip instructions.

ok thanks for add on knowledge im gonna do that

todays top tip :

Asterisk CLI help (built-in) is a mine of information