Voicemail alter callerid value

Is there a way to alter the caller id value from the dialplan when a new voicemail is left?
For example, I’m using ODBC to save all voicemails to the MySQL DB. When a new voicemail is left - I have the following record in the DB:

                    dir                        |            callerid
/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/101/101/INBOX    |    "+123456789" <+123456789>

How can I change the caller id value directly from the dialplan before the Voicemail application is called?
I tried to change ‘VM_CALLERID’, ‘VM_CIDNUM’ variables - but it’s not working.


I would have set CALLERID(). If that doesn’t do it, you need to provide your dialplan as we are trying to guess it.

Ah, CALLERID(all) is doing the trick. I thought that the Voicemail application is getting it from another place but it seems to be the same everywhere. Thanks a lot, @david551 !!!

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