Voiceglue and Asterisk voicexml problem

I am new to voiceglue and asterisk, I have sucessfully installed voiceglue and started following services

1. dynlog 
2. phoneglue
3. voiceglue

My Configurations:


exten => 50777,1,Answer
exten => 50777,1,Agi(agi://localhost)
exten => 50777,n,Hangup


  • file:///etc/vxml/examples/welcome-tts.vxml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Welcome

When i make call to 50777 extension , I unable to here anything?.

I see the following errors in dynlog log file

00:45:33:235 EROR VOICEGLU localhos callid=[1] has bad speak/audio XML in <?xml version='1.0'?>
00:45:33:235 EROR VOICEGLU localhos Welcome
00:45:33:235 EROR VOICEGLU localhos : xml:base parse error: Cannot parse base URL “/etc/vxml/examples/welcome-tts.vxml”

I tried with different vxml files,I received the same kind of errors. Does it requires any other softwares to be installed ? Please help me to solve this problm?