Voice Quality is Bad

Hi all,
We have installed a Switchvox AA300 with 40 extensions (SIP). Now after 3 months, during conversation voice starts cut or sound like ROBOT and other side person does not listen us clearly. We and switchvox has checked the configuration but found nothing. Will appreciate your urgent help in this regard.
Thank you.


Concerning measuring Asteriks voice
quality for various terminations, we have developed a software that is
successfully used by some of our customers who have Asteriks installed and
perform voice quality monitoring quite easily on their own hardware in
this manner:

  1. Originate a call on the monitoring server, using Asterisk manager
    interface, to a server which is running an echo application
  2. Monitor both inbound and outbound legs of the call, and save as wav
  3. Use AQuA (our product) to compare the wav files.

We would be happy to hear from those, who are interested in such solution and will
be looking forward to your feedback. Thank you!

Best regards,
Sevana Oy