Howto troubleshoot voice quality issues with asterisk

Hello all, my setup:

For my home server:

  • Debian 4.0
  • Downloaded/Compiled Asterisk 1.4.17 (same problem on 1.4.15)
  • PSTN Access via AxVoice.
  • Home phones via Sipura and Linksys PAP2 's
  • pfsense firewall on the gateway (QoS for Asterisk voice)
  • Cox Communications cable modem.
  • No crazy Bittorrent/P2P downloading going on, low traffic through gateway.

Axvoice has worked great for us through the years for voice quality. But within the last month I am getting “dead” spots in my voice calls. I have ran traffic to my provider and I do not drop packets and most of my response times are around 56ms.

I do have all of my “peers” set to make sure Asterisk stays in the audio stream so that we can use Asterisk features.

My Question : What are some good debug modes …etc and logging that I could fireoff in Asterisk so I can better see what is happening? I want to rule out the server somehow causing this problem.


First I suggest you try using a lower codec like gsm or g729 and see if the problem still occurs. Next try another provider and see what’s the story. Voice pulse is offering free trial accounts, why don’t you give them a shot?


The best thing to do is do a pcap capture on the server and stickit in wire shark