Voice mail/sms possibilities

Afternoon all, I need some help on an issue a client has asked me if I will be able to configure for him. They receive calls from clients via an 800 number for their business, does asterisk have the ability to give them account or mailboxes they can access via say account numbers? For example if they are given 21807 can I give them an extension 21807 with out them having a physical phone to have messages left for them and emailed their messages if they receive them?

Also is it possible for the clients to receive an SMS when there is a message for them so they can dial in and check the message?

Last, is there any software that can be added to asterisk to have the recorded voice mails translated to text and sent to the user if need be?

Thanks in advance.


yes, various ones I use fastsms

dont know. spinvox will do it, so maybe forward mails somehow.
I have seen it mentioned in the dev mailing list.